Going the extra mile to combat COVID-19

Siobháin Spear
Apr 19, 2020

The travel and tourism sector has been providing crucial help to combat the global coronavirus pandemic.

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has praised millions of people in the travel and tourism sector for going the extra mile to provide crucial help during the global coronavirus pandemic. The huge thank you from WTTC president and CEO Gloria Guevara was made on behalf of travel companies throughout the globe’s private sector.

Guevara said: “WTTC wants to pay tribute to the millions of amazing coronavirus heroes throughout the global travel and tourism sector for selflessly going the extra mile to help their communities to overcome and combat the Covid-19 pandemic threat.

“Whether it’s tending to the sick, opening hotels for health workers or manning foodbanks, they, like countless others have risen to the challenge and shown with their hearts and actions that we are stronger together and we will win this battle,” she added.

Millions of people employed by WTTC member companies large and small have volunteered their time and expertise, many putting their own lives on the line, to provide essential help to their communities with relief efforts. This has ranged from furloughed airline cabin crew being deployed to help in hospitals, to operating additional flights for medical cargo, luxury hotels opening their doors to provide free rooms to healthcare workers or helping with grocery shopping and running errands for the elderly self-isolating.

UAE tourism and hospitality sectors show their support

From Etihad allowing air miles to be donated to refugee efforts to hotels giving away stays to frontline workers and aid planes delivering essential medical supplies to countries in need, the UAE has certainly been doing its bit to help combat coronavirus and spread joy in a time of distress.

Now, Meditteranean hotspot Nammos Dubai has joined this national effort to help those in need and those on the frontline by providing over a thousand meals per week during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Nammos Dubai is delivering food packages

Rather than redefining luxury entertainment as it usually does at its privileged location along the shoreline of the Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, the local hotspot is redefining its approach to meal time by helping those in need of support. Since the beginning of approval, Nammos Dubai has already delivered thousands of meals to frontline workers and people in need

Commenting on the restaurant’s efforts, Samy Ibrahim, the founder of Nammos, said: “Nammos was built on the concept of community”.

“We hope to build a better future and we cannot do it without the caregivers who are mobilized everyday to fight against the outbreak and those who have lost their jobs because of it. This is our token of appreciation and a small contribution to their efforts”

The team at Nammos has been going to work every day in order to safely cook and arrange the food packages along with fresh fruits, drinks and refreshments. The packages are hand delivered to health centres and designated frontline caregivers, managed by UAE Food Bank and Dubai Municipality, which hosts people who have lost jobs because of Covid-19. 

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