The Madrid EDITION opens

WT Writer
Mar 1, 2022

New hotel opens in ‘preview phase’ this month

Following the launch of The Barcelona EDITION in 2018, The Madrid EDITION has now opened its doors.

Madrid, for us, is a truly world-class capital,” says Ian Schrager, the visionary behind EDITION hotels. “It’s just a beautiful city that marches to its own beat and goes its own way.”

Located in the vibrant heart of the Spanish capital, a few steps from Kilometre Zero, which marks the geographical centre of the country, The Madrid EDITION has 200 guest rooms and suites, including multiple connecting units – for groups of friends and families – as well as an exclusive selection of rooms with private terraces. 

Setting the hotel apart is its culinary offering: chefs Enrique Olvera, whose restaurant Pujol is one of the top ten World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and Diego Muñoz, who led acclaimed restaurant Astrid Y Gaston in Lima to victory as the best Latin American restaurant in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, helm in-house restaurants Jerónimo and Oroya.

“This is not just a hotel. It’s much more than merely a place to sleep. It is a true hub of popular culture, entertainment and social interaction that is a microcosm of the best of Madrid and that perfectly captures the city’s spirit and essence,” says Schrager. “It’s about creating an original and new kind of gathering place for both locals and visitors alike.”

Ian Schrager

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