The hotel guarded by superheroes – and Ronald McDonald

WT Writer
Nov 10, 2021

New art hotel opens in Milan

Collini Rooms has opened in Milan, a unique art hotel full of colour and populated with superheroes and fantasy characters. 

Situated on Via Mecenate, in a post-industrial area that has recently seen the arrival of major fashion brand headquarters, photographers, artists, and film recording studios, the hotel is spread over just 5 floors, each one permeated with a different hue and guarded by statues of iconic characters, including  Batman, Superman, and Ronald McDonald.

“This is a hotel run like a family so that the guest can really feel at home,” says Carmine Rotondaro, owner and creator of the concept. “Our size, 50 rooms and 5 suites, allows us to develop a genuinely personal relationship with our customers, who metaphorically I like to consider as newborn babies entrusted to us, to whom we dedicate a service that I like to define uncompromising, to meet their needs and requirements with absolute and immediate, almost loving quality.”

In addition to the quirky decor – which extends to dinosaurs in the courtyard garden – is a fleet of vintage cars, including a Rolls Royce Princess from 1967, which by request can be made available to guests for events or special occasions


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