Hotel workspaces: is silence a luxury?

Siobháin Spear
Apr 28, 2020

Rove Hotels and Letswork have joined forces to reinvent rooms as trendy office spaces.

If there is one phrase that has been repeatedly used to reaffirm day-to-day decisions during this global coronavirus pandemic, it’s that “these are unprecedented times”. And unprecedented times call upon our creativity and problem-solving skills to get through the day, the week and the months ahead. They also challenge businesses to lead through innovation and follow unexpected paths to ride the waves of difficulty and disruption, which can often result in the development of disruptive concepts that stick around far longer than the pandemic itself.

Seeing the opportunity amidst the chaos, Rove Hotels has tuned in to the work-from-home problems that people are experiencing and teamed up with Letswork to launch office rooms that you can use for the day if you need to escape from the distractions at home.

Working remotely

With Dubai offices and workspaces still limited to 30% occupancy, remote working looks set not only to continue but to change the dynamics of the stereotypical office environment — forever.

For many employees, the changes have presented unforeseen challenges. People have had to adjust at pace to a whole new way of working and navigate the difficulties that can come with fusing work life with home life. From children crashing corporate Zoom calls and needing more attention to couples quibbling over which part of the apartment they will use as their office space… the reality is that many of us are craving just a few hours of silence to get the work done, while others are merely seeking a change of scenery to avoid our worlds becoming one big blur of sameness.

Stepping in to solve that problem, Rove Hotels and Letswork have decided to launch an office room day pass, which allows you to book your office in one of Rove’s guest rooms.

Escape to a hotel office

A hotel office space with a red chair, a desk and art work on the white walls

For those needing their own work sanctuary to maximize productivity, the day passes offer an escape to a guest room at either Rove Dubai Marina or Rove Healthcare City, where you can work in peace.

Already known as a hotel for the modern-day explorer, the Rove Hotels are equipped for digital nomad life, so those who tap into the day-pass offer will have access to high-speed internet, ultra-modern amenities and some additional hotel comforts.

Here’s the need-to-know details:

  • A day pass can be purchased through the Letswork app
  • The day pass allows guests to access rooms that they can use as their office between 6am and 10pm
  • The day pass costs AED 79 and can be used at Rove Dubai Marina or Rove Healthcare City
  • Guests will be required to check-in via the app and present their ID at the hotel desk for verification and collection of the room key
  • Guests will have access to unlimited tea, water and coffee, and benefit from room amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi and a comfy sofa
  • Guests can also opt for a meal ‘add-on’ priced from AED 35 for breakfast, lunch, iftar or dinner

Who knew that a silent space with no distractions could be the small luxury we didn’t know we needed from Sunday to Thursday?

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