More destinations added to UAE travel corridor for Covid-19 vaccinated passengers

Hayley Kadrou
May 16, 2021

Holiday-goers from the UAE will be able to travel to and from destinations such as Greece and the Seychelles without the need for quarantine, so long as they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

As countries anticipate summer migration, new rules are being put in place to determine where people can travel to, and under what conditions. While traffic light systems are being actioned in some locations, travel corridors are being introduced between others.

UAE travellers will be happy to know that more destinations have been added to its list of travel corridors over the last few weeks. Destinations such as the Seychelles, Greece, Bahrain and Serbia will allow quarantine-free travel for UAE residents, provided passengers are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

To classify as a ‘fully vaccinated’ passenger, you must have been given both doses of an approved vaccine and completed a waiting period after the second dose – usually two weeks, but dependant on the guidelines of the destination to which you are travelling too.

UAE travellers can visit Greece quarantine free this summer. Credit | Pixabay

It seems many countries will follow this trend – travel corridors for vaccinated passengers – in the coming months.

Speaking to the BCC, Dubai Airports chief executive Paul Griffiths recently expressed the inevitability of vaccine passports, saying: “I don’t think there is an alternative.”

“I think the problem is not the vaccine passport […] It’s the need to roll things out and have a proper globally equitable vaccine programme.”

Meanwhile, those hoping to fly to the UK were disappointed with recent news that, at the time of writing, the United Arab Emirates remains a red-listed destination. This means arrivals into the UK will be refused entry unless they are a citizen or hold a valid residency. In which case, travellers must quarantine in a government-approved hotel for 10 days.

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