German and British nationals repatriated from the UAE

Siobháin Spear
Mar 29, 2020

Two flights were permitted to depart for Frankfurt and a further flight departed for Zagreb.

Over the weekend, hundreds of stranded nationals, primarily from Germany and the UK, were repatriated from the UAE after authorities granted permission for the departure of emergency flights.

On Saturday 28 March, the British Embassy tweeted an urgent message to inform British nationals that there was availability on a flight to Zagreb, with a connecting flight taking passengers on to London Heathrow from the Croatian capital.

The embassy later confirmed that 32 British nationals left on the FlyDubai flight successfully, but urged people not to go to to the airport without having a flight booked as flights are still suspended.

The British Embassy continues to urge its nationals to get in touch if they have been impacted by the suspension of flights, and it has tweeted a direct email for those seeking assistance.

In an equally encouraging effort, two flights were arranged for hundreds of stranded German tourists.

According to WAM, two flights were arranged from Ras Al Khaimah Airport, and these flights took hundreds of German nationals to Frankfurt Airport. Under the supervision of German Consul-General Holger Mahnicke, the flights departed from Ras Al Khaimah at 1pm and 2pm on Saturday.

Carrying a total of 329 passengers, the departures were arranged following a joint effort between the UAE Government, the German Embassy in the UAE and Ras Al Khaimah International Airport, which was chosen as the departure point due to its readiness to screen all passengers quickly and efficiently. Alongside the German nationals who boarded the flights were two Turkish nationals, three Polish nationals, one Romanian, one Croatian and one Kosovan national.

The UAE continues to work to get stranded travellers the support they need amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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