flydubai follows Etihad and Emirates with salary cuts

Siobháin Spear
Mar 31, 2020

The airline has announced that it will reduce staff pay for three months due to coronavirus.

Budget carrier flydubai has announced that it will reduce pay for its employees across a three-month period, and this will come into effect from April. This follows on from earlier announcements from Emirates and Etihad Airways, both of which have also announced cuts.

The impact that COVID-19 has had on the aviation industry has been felt across the world, and with international travel dealing with unprecedented restrictions, there has been a level of uncertainty surrounding the future of major airlines.

A flydubai spokesperson told Reuters: “This decision has not been taken lightly. It has been made to offer some stability at a time of uncertainty and to minimize the impact on all its employees when the normal pattern of life has been disrupted.”

It is unclear what the exact reduction in pay will be; however, the aim is that by taking the measure now, the airline will be retain employees moving forward.

In a similar statement, Emirates Group implemented a basic salary reduction for the majority of employees across a three-month period, and Etihad made the decision to reduce salaries by 50% for management and cut other staff wages by 25% in April. All salary changes are a direct result of the impact that the coronavirus has had on travel demand.

Just over a week ago, the IATA called for emergency support from governments in order for airlines to survive, and Dubai has stepped up to respond. The Dubai government today pledged its support to Emirates Airlines during this testing global climate.

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