A private airline has launched ‘FlightPooling’ to help people fly home

Siobháin Spear
May 6, 2020

JetClass aims to make urgent travel available to the masses through a new, not-for-profit initiative.

With flight restrictions and grounded air operations continuing to cause difficulties around the world, a private airline has stepped in to provide a new solution for those seeking, but unable to book, urgent air travel.

Coining the term ‘flightpooling’, JetClass has announced the launch of a flight-sharing programme that aims to provide the travel assistance that people are in need of. Those who need to fly can put their name down for one of the listed flights, and if there is enough interest, the cost will be shared between passengers so that the private flight can go ahead.

Although expensive, there are flights that can be subscribed to from a number of cities in the UK; there are also outbound flights from Dubai to Lebanon, Pakistan and India.

JetClass says that it has launched the not-for-profit initiative in response to the number of people who have found themselves stranded as a result of the impact that COVID-19 has had on the aviation industry.  ‘Flightpooling by JetClass’ is aiming to provide a middle ground between expensive charters and unavailable scheduled flights.

“As a team of aviation experts that has been in the business for many years, we felt a sense of responsibility to do something and harness the resources we have at our disposal for the greater good of both the community and the airline industry” said Fahim Jalali, Chief Business Officer at JetClass.  “We look forward to giving people real hope of being reunited with their loved ones at this difficult time” he concluded.

How ‘flightpooling’ works

Much like carpooling, flightpooling allows a group of people to share a plane and the cost to make travel more accessible and cost-effective.

JetClass is making the necessary arrangements for all the flights; potential passengers just need to sign up and wait to see if there is enough interest for ‘flightpooling’ to their chosen destination.

You can start subscribing or creating their list of required flights online. The costs borne by the company to run each flight will simply be passed on and divided equally among the onboard passengers, with no margin added.

These flights are being arranged through some of the world’s leading jet-operators, offering anything from 6-seater jets to larger commercial aircraft, depending on the passenger numbers.

All reasonable safety precautions will also be taken to provide assurances to passengers; these include carefully sanitized aircraft, a COVID-negative crew and all passengers adhering to wearing protective gear at all times while onboard. Before boarding, passengers will also have to complete a checklist and undergo a temperature check.

To register and become part of the flightpooling community and subscribe for flights, please visit flightpooling.jetclass.com.

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