Expired tourist visa: UAE extends grace period for expired visit visas by one month

WT Writer
Aug 11, 2020

Those in the United Arab Emirates on visit visas that expired after March 1 will now have until September 10 before overstay fines will kick in.

Visit visas into the United Arab Emirates that expired after March 1 have been extended by one month, The Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship has announced.

August 10 was the initial deadline for tourists still in the UAE to make travel plans out of the country, but an additional 30 days has now been added.

Those in the UAE on expired visa visits now have an additional month to make travel arrangements before fines kick in

Fines will now kick-in for expired tourist visas from September 11, 2020. Currently, overstay fines for expired visit visas start at Dhs200 for the first day and an additional Dhs100 for every day that follows.

Anyone can check their current visa status via the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship’s smart service’s form here using their passport or Emirates ID details.

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