Emirates is flying to over 50 destinations for essential commodities

Apr 9, 2020

Emirates SkyCargo has scaled up operations in order to transport food, medical equipment and pharmaceutical supplies.

From April 6, Emirates began resuming flights to select destinations to carry passengers home from the UAE. Now, in an effort to ensure the delivery of food, medical supplies and other essential commodities to markets across the world, Emirates SkyCargo has scaled-up its operations to over 50 destinations.

Of the 51 global destinations that the air cargo carrier is operating flights to, 19 cities are served by the Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777 freighter aircraft and 38 destinations are served by dedicated cargo flights on Emirates’ Boeing 777 passenger aircraft, which offer up to 50 tonnes of belly capacity in the holds. 

Commenting on the increased routes, Nabil Sultan, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President said: “We have particularly ramped up operations for transporting cargo in the bellyhold of our passenger aircraft in the last two weeks. Emirates SkyCargo has been expanding its network on a daily basis and some of the latest destinations for our cargo flights on passenger aircraft include Bangkok, Casablanca, Johannesburg, Singapore and Taipei. Air cargo remains the fastest means of connecting essential supplies to those that need them and our expanded network allows for increased connectivity across different global origins and destinations.”

Ramping up efforts

In the space of just three days, between April 7 and 9, some of the most notable chartered flights operated by Emirates SkyCargo meant that the following support and assistance was provided to the UAE and other countries:

  • 100 tonnes of masks and other protective supplies were transported from Guangzhou to Dubai on 7 April. This was part of several other charters to bring medical supplies into the UAE.
  • Close to 100 tonnes of medical supplies, including masks and other protective equipment, were transported from Shanghai to Mumbai
  • 100 tonnes of protective equipment was transported from Shanghai to Dubai; these supplies will then be flown to Bucharest on 10 and 11 April on four separate flights on the Boeing 777 passenger aircraft.
  • Over seven tonnes of medical supplies were transported to Los Angeles in the belly hold of an Emirates’ Boeing 777 passenger aircraft; this was the first dedicated cargo flight on a passenger aircraft to North America.
  • Close to 1 million Covid-19 testing kits will be transported to Sao Paulo on April 9; this follows on from an earlier shipment containing 500,000 kits was transported on 30 March.

Those helping the operations

Acknowledging efforts from all those involved, Sultan added: “Under these unprecedented conditions, our staff are fully committed to making sure that that medicines, medical equipment, food and other necessary commodities for people and businesses around the world are being transported without any compromise of the high service levels that differentiate Emirates SkyCargo from other players in the market. We are truly grateful to the non-stop efforts of our team that contribute to our successful operations.”

While travel restrictions have caused the stand still of passengers, the UAE Government has continually reassured its people that essential commodities, such as food and medical supplies, will be infinitely available. With Emirates SkyCargo playing a key role in ensuring this happens, Sultan said: “Emirates SkyCargo remains committed to maintaining and constantly replenishing vital food and medical supplies in the country.”

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