Emirates: the latest in flight updates

Siobháin Spear
Mar 18, 2020

The airline has announced flight updates and further suspensions to its network.

Emirates has issued further changes to its flight network in efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and align with the rest of the world in ensuring all the necessary precautions are taken.

If you are are impacted by the flight changes listed below, then flick to the end of the article to see ‘Emirates passengers: your questions answered’.

Emirates flight updates for Africa

Flights have been suspended to the following destinations:

  • Algiers: From 18 March – 31 March
  • Cairo: From 19 March – 31 March
  • Casablanca: From 16 March – 31 March 
  • Khartoum: From 18 March- 30 March
  • Tunis: From 18 March- 20 May

Flight changes for the Americas:

Flights have been suspended to the following destinations:

  • Fort Lauderdale: From 13 March – 30 April
  • Mexico City (via Barcelona): From 20 March – 30 April
  • New York JFK – Milan: From 11 March – 30 April
  • New York EWR – Athens: From 13 March – 12 April

Flight changes for Asia:

Flights changes apply to the following destinations:

  • Peshawar: From 15 March to 31 March, flights to/from Peshawar will be rerouted through Islamabad. Affected customers will need to make their own way to rerouted airports and will receive an email with their rebooking details.
  • Sialkot: From 15 March to 31 March, flights to/from Sialkot will be re-routed through Lahore. Affected customers will need to make their own way to rerouted airports and will receive an email with their rebooking details.

Emirates Flight updates for Europe

Flights have been suspended to the following destinations:

  • Barcelona: From 20 March – 30 April
  • Bologna: From 13 March – 30 April
  • Istanbul (IST): From 17 March – 31 March
  • Istanbul (SAW): From 17 March – 31 March
  • Larnaca: From 17 March – 30 April
  • Madrid: From 18 March – 30 April
  • Malta (via Larnaca): From 17 March – 30 April
  • Milan: From 13 March – 30 April
  • Porto: From 17 March – 31 March
  • Rome: From 14 March – 30 April
  • Venice: From 12 March – 30 April
  • Warsaw: From 15 March – 30 April

Flight changes for the Far East

Flights have been suspended to the following destinations:

  • Bangkok- Hong Kong: From 9 March – 30 April
  • Guangzhou: From 05 February – 30 April
  • Shanghai: From 05 February -30 April
  • Taipei: From 16 March – 30 April

Flight updates for the Middle East

Flights have been suspended to the following destinations:

  • Amman: From 17 March – 31 March
  • Baghdad: From 17 March – 31 March
  • Basra: From 17 March – 31 March
  • Beirut: From 17 March – 31 March
  • Dammam: From 09 March until further notice
  • Jeddah: From 09 March until further notice
  • Kuwait City: From 14 March – 31 March
  • Medina: From 09 March until further notice
  • Riyadh: From 09 March – 31 March
  • Tehran: From 26 February until further notice

Emirates passengers: your questions answered

For passengers who are directly impacted by the Emirates flight updates, there are a number of measures in place. These are the questions you’ve been asking:

Can I change my Emirates booking for free?

Yes. Emirates has implemented fee waivers for changes to bookings made on or before 31 March 2020.

If I can’t fly, will I lose my Emirates Skywards status?

Emirates is reducing tier travel requirements in efforts to ensure that passengers retain their status where possible.

Can I get a refund on my Emirates flight?

In line with Emirates flight updates, the airline is providing refunds and rebookings for customers impacted by cancellations or suspensions (not including Iran). Here’s what you need to know:

  • Refunds and rebooking available for those ticketed for travel until 31st May
  • You can rebook until 30th June
  • You can reroute until 30th June to selected Emirates destinations only, and fare difference will apply.
  • Travel Vouchers will be for the ticketed value
  • A refund will be granted for unutilised tickets
How do I get get my Emirates refund or rebook?

Emirates encourages all affected customers to contact their travel agent or Emirates office for rebooking options or refunds. The airline has highlighted the following information:

  • “To request a refund, customers who booked directly with Emirates can visit the Request refund webpage and add “Refund request due to Coronavirus” in the comments section. 
  • Customers who booked with a travel agent must contact them for a rebooking and/or refunds
What happens if I am prohibited to travel due to restrictions?

The following refund and rebook policy applies for the passengers who are prohibited to travel:

  • Available for those ticketed to travel until 31stMay
  • Rebooking is permitted until 30thJune
  • Rerouting is permitted until 30thJun to selected Emirates destinations only and fare differences will apply.
  • Travel vouchers will be issued at the ticketed value.
  • Refunds will be provided for unutilised tickets

For the latest information about Emirates flight updates, visit Emirates Travel Updates. For changes to the Etihad network, see Etihad Airways Updates.

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