COVID-19: A note from our Chief Content Officer

John Thatcher
Mar 17, 2020

We’ve published World Traveller since 2006. Throughout those fourteen years, global issues have, at one time or another, impacted the demand for travel. From the financial collapse through to ash clouds and H1N1 (which numbered upwards of 60 million cases), our wanderlust has been tempered. That’s certainly the case now, as COVID-19 demands that we put the health of ourselves, family and friends over any thoughts of far-flung beaches.

However, what’s also certain is that like all of those crises, this one will also be confined to history.

There will be an end point to the COVID-19 crisis. We will travel again.

In the meantime, what COVID-19 can’t take from us is our desire to dream of the places we will go when this latest crisis passes; the people we will meet there; the many wonderful things we will experience.

As the home of travel inspiration in the Middle East, we will continue to feed those dreams with action-packed ideas to fuel your future adventures, whether near or far.

Speaking of what’s near, we are fortunate to live in a region that’s home to some of the world’s finest hotels, hotels that will need our support once normal service resumes. So, when the time is right, why not take a staycation and celebrate the remarkable place we live in and the incredible opportunities it affords us. 

Until such time as COVID-19 becomes the past, stay safe and keep dreaming of travel. Those dreams will be realised. That’s for certain.

John Thatcher – CCO of Hot Media