Airbnb launches online travel experiences

Siobháin Spear
Apr 12, 2020

Providing a new way to connect with the world, Airbnb has taken travel experiences online so that you can virtually explore the world.

When Airbnb first launched in 2008, it inverted the notion of travel hospitality by offering homes rather than hotels to those travelling around the world. Then, in 2016, when Airbnb Experiences launched, the brand saw a heightened wave of interest as it tapped into the potential of local hosts who could offer activities, tours, classes and more to curious travellers.

Now, with our adventures brought to a halt by COVID-19, Airbnb is providing a new way for people to explore the world. It has taken experiences from around the world and put them online so that you can enjoy cultural journeys without leaving your house.

Airbnb online experiences

Airbnb has long been known for its community of travellers who like to get to grips with the culture and the people of a chosen destination, and its Airbnb Experience hosts love to share interests and passions. However, since travel restrictions came into place last month, they have been unable to interact as they normally would. as a result, they have now taken their experiences online, turning living rooms into yoga studios, kitchens into culinary masterclass workshops and adapting skills for online learning.

On April 11, Airbnb announced the new online offering to the world: “We’re excited to announce that you can now join Online Experiences. Try something new together with small groups from around the world. Join tango classes, tarot card readings, farm visits, and more—all while meeting new people. Thanks to the dedication and passion of hosts, you can keep traveling even when you’re staying home”.

5 Airbnb experiences to try online

Not only do the Airbnb Experiences provide an outlet for those cooped up in their apartments and homes, but it provides a small income to the local hosts during these uncertain times. Here are five experiences from over 50 that you can now discover online:

  1. Get creative in your kitchen with a family baking experience
  2. Learn the secrets of magic from a magician
  3. Take on a HIIT session with an Olympian
  4. Try a personalized interior design workshop
  5. Attend a hidden houseboat concert

Airbnb for healthcare workers

In an additional step taken by Airbnb to assist others during the pandemic, the marketplace has launched an initiative in the United Kingdom to help connect medical professionals on the frontline with hosts who can offer free accommodation. Hosts with entire homes that comply with safety and cleanliness protocols can opt in. If you think you can help or you know someone who is in need of this support, you can learn more on Airbnb’s healthcare link.

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