A new skydiving experience opens in the Maldives this month

Hayley Kadrou
May 10, 2021

See the beautiful Maldivian islands from above with a skydiving adventure from Niyama Private Islands in the country’s southern Dhaalu Atoll.

We all know the feeling. You’re lying on the beach, nothing but the sound of waves gently breaking on the shore, a cold drink in hand with the heat of the sun on your skin – but suddenly, you’re overwhelmed with the urge to attach strap on a parachute and fling yourself from a flying object.

Well, now visitors to the Maldives can make that beachside daydream a reality during their next vacation. Niyama Private Islands – a beach resort located in Dhaalu Atoll – has introduced a new skydive experience to its offering.

Located just 15 minutes speedboat ride from the resort, the new thrill-seeking experience that launches this month is ideal for first-timers as they can descend from the skies over the tropical islands and the Indian Ocean.

Take a 20-minute ascent before skydiving over the Indian Ocean. Credit: Niyama Private Islands

After a short briefing, sky divers will take to the skies for a 20-minute ascent before they reach 12,000 feet. After a one-minute freefall, travelling at a whopping 200km/hour, the parachute with open for a blissful five-minute journey back down to Earth with sights of the sea and sand like no other.

The exhilarating experience begins with a seven-minute speedboat ride to Dhaalu Airport on a neighbouring island, followed by a short briefing before boarding the plane for a 20-minute ascent to 12,000 feet.

The jump involves a one-minute freefall at the extreme speed of 200km/hour before the parachute opens for a five-minute ‘flight’ down to the white sand beaches, whilst enjoying spectacular birds-eye views of the resort and the wider atoll. But with a seasons instructor connected at all times, there’s nothing to worry about for those trying it for the first time.

Get an aerial view of the beautiful resort with this new skydiving experience. Credit: Niyama Private Islands

For two, the skydive costs $639, or approximately AED 2350. The price includes the roundtrip transfers to Dhaalu Airport. For an additional cost, the experience can be captured by either a handheld camera or with an additional skydiver filming the descent.

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