Why Visit?

Kick off your shoes and get set to unwind, as barefoot bliss is synonymous with a visit to this spectacular island archipelago. Expect a surfeit of powderwhite sand beaches, azure waters and palm-fringed atolls home to vibrant marine life. A dream destination where you can switch off and succumb to the charm of Mother Nature, there’s something for everyone here, from watersports and spa treatments to gourmet dining and cultural exploration. The cachet of staying on your own private island is hard to beat, and many resorts are thoughtfully designed to create an illusion of castaway seclusion, whether you’re looking for a 21st century Robinson Crusoe experience or fully immersive indulgence.

Getting There

Maldives is served by a number of international airlines, including Emirates and Etihad Airways. Flights arrive into Velana International Airport in Malé, and the onward journey to your desired resort depends on how far away it is. Some are close enough to zip to on a speedboat, while others will organise a seaplane for a seamless connection to your destination.

Need To Know

The equatorial climate features two main seasons, with sunshine assured in both. From November to April the weather is fairly dry, whereas May to October brings with it the occasional brief rain shower, after which the sun will reappear to dry things up.