Three UAE-based adventures to do this weekend according to Guy in Dubai

Sophia Dyer
Aug 19, 2020

Cancel your brunch plans in favour of one these adventure sports

Here in the UAE we’re lucky to have a breadth of opportunity on our doorstep. Self-proclaimed and internationally recognised UAE adventure man, Paris Norriss of Guy in Dubai recommends putting these to the top of your list.

“This part of the world has always been associated with adventure,” says Norriss. “Even going way back in history there was the famous explorer, Lawrence of Arabia.” In the modern-day UAE, “Dubai has an attitude of everything being possible and people seem to be limitless in how they think,” explains the TV show producer. “It’s just the nature of the place –  we celebrate extreme sports.” So, what should be put to the top of our to-do lists according to Noriss?

Paris Norriss reveals the best adventure spots in the UAE

Take to the air

Paramotoring is the cheapest and easiest way to learn to fly. It’s very similar to paragliding but you have a motor on your back – which adds to the fun. It is taught in a couple of places, but I do it at Sky School UAE in RAK. You can see some amazing sights of the desert from the air.

Guy in Dubai paramotoring over the UAE desert
Guy in Dubai, Paris Norriss paramotors over the red sands of the UAE desert

Dive under the sea

One of the best things people can do year-round – even in the scorching heats of the summer – is scuba diving. One of my favourite places to go is to the MV Dara shipwreck just off the coast of Umm Al Quwain. Not many people know this, but when the ship sank in 1961 it was the biggest naval catastrophe since the Titanic. Meanwhile, Fujairah has a coral reef where you can spot amazing fish and turtles.

The UAE has many great dive spots. In this YouTube video Norriss sees sharks and a shipwreck

Drive a race car

Race-car at Yas Marina Circuit
Norriss takes to Yas Marina Circuit on his TV show, Guy in Dubai

Motor enthusiasts should make the most of all the motorsport action we have here in the UAE. You can learn to drive a race-car at both the Yas Marina Circuit and the Dubai Autodrome. Depending on your preference, you’ll be put in a Lamborghini or Aston Matin and have a coach teach you how to take on corners at high-speeds. It usually costs Dhs2,000-Dhs3,000 – and while that might not be pocket change, it really is an amazing experience.

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