Best places to travel to in September 2019

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Sep 2, 2019

Where to go in September 2019

Emily Williams, dnata Travel’s resident globetrotter, reveals the best places to hop on a plane to this month

Zanzibar, Africa By Getty Images


This tropical island paradise is accessible year-round, although the cooler and drier months (from June to October) see guaranteed sunshine reflecting off azure waters and pristine white sands. Stay on one of the incredible beaches and spend a day or two in Stone Town, the old part of the city that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the local culture, explore the winding streets and enjoy fresh seafood in abundance at the night market.


1. Set sail for a meal at The Rock, which enjoys a novel setting atop an oversized rock in the Indian Ocean. It’s 50-minute drive from Stone Town.

2. Head to Jozani Forest, where you’ll find Zanzibar’s rare Red Colobus monkeys.

3. Home to more than 120 tribes, Tanzania’s people bring the local history to life. Embark on a guided cultural tour to meet them in their home villages and hear their fascinating tales. 

Glasgow, Scotland by Getty Images


The number of people travelling to the Scottish Highlands is on the rise, and the vibrant city of Glasgow is the ideal gateway to your adventure in the country. Known for its friendly locals, epic music venues, Victorian architecture, and some of the best shopping in the UK, the city never skips a beat. Uncover the eclectic food and nightlife scene by heading to the West End at Ashton Lane, a pretty cobbled street lined with restaurants and twinkling lights.


1.The city centre is adorned with vibrant urban artworks – learn about the inspiration behind them on a Street Art Tour led by knowledgeable locals.

2.Make the 30-minute drive to the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond – a beautiful place to spend a day.

3.Visit the SEC Armadillo, a Glasgow landmark that hosts a fab line-up of concerts and events, including The Proclaimers performing on 14 September. 

Moscow, Russia by Getty Images


A hotspot for travellers from the Middle East, Russia is proving to be a popular holiday destination this year – not least for its cooler temperatures. The capital, Moscow, offers a compelling mix of excellent food, exciting shopping, beautiful streets, and eye-catching buildings alongside an impressive art and theatre scene. No visit would be complete, however, without a trip to the iconic Red Square, where much of the country’s history unfolded. 


1.Catch the world’s first fully immersive virtual-reality-enhanced exhibition ‘Goncharova and Malevich: In Three Dimensions’, running until 20 December at Tretyakov Gallery.

2.Journey south to Tsaritsyno, a vast palace complex once home to Catherine the Great.

3.Take a stroll along Arbat, an elegant promenade lined with cafés, musical performers and stalls brimming with keepsakes. 

Hoi An, Vietnam by Getty Images

Hoi An

Removed from the hustle and bustle that dominates Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, the well-preserved 15-19th century trading port city of Hoi An, located on Vietnam’s central coast, is known for its unique charm and delicious local cuisine. Explore the Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and tour the streets lined with cafés, shops, historic landmarks and colourful yellow-painted buildings. 


1.Taste a famous local dish, such as banh mi – the Vietnamese take on the humble sandwich, which comes piled high with meat and vegetables.

2.Hire a bicycle and set off for an early morning ride around Cam Kim, a lush island that’s a short ferry-hop away.

3.Duck into one of the many tailors that line the streets and get a made-to-measure outfit whipped up in super quick time.

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