7 travel gifts to send to a loved one while you #StayHome

Siobháin Spear
Mar 24, 2020

Whether you want to send a little something to a friend or treat yourself, here are a handful of travel gifts that are great for self-isolation.

While the COVID-19 pandemic may be limiting our movement and restricting our travel plans right now, it does not need to kill our wanderlust completely. Let’s take the time to be still, to reflect on all the adventures we’ve had so far and reset ahead of all the travels we will enjoy again — soon.

The #StayHome mantra that we all need to adopt right now may certainly be prohibiting that around-the-world trip you had planned, those weekend road trips with the family or the big birthday celebrations with your globe-trotting girlfriend, but why not keep spirits lifted and minds wandering with a thoughtful gift that encompasses the love of travel from home? Here are seven travel gift ideas that will keep things fun for all those who cannot travel right now:

1. Scratch maps

A framed world scratch map from Luckies of London on a study wall

Perfect for personalizing a bare wall in an apartment, the original Luckies of London scratch maps are great for friends who like to keep track of all the places they have travelled. Designed by expert cartographers, the map features countries, states, borders, cities, capitals, oceans, islands and some travel trivia. You can scratch off where you have been, pop it into a frame and put it up on the wall to complete your DIY travel-inspired interior design.

2. A travel-inspired board game

An image of the outer box of Monopoly National Parks Edition

We could all use a little at-home, travel-inspired entertainment right now that doesn’t involve picking up the remote and watching another episode of An Idiot Abroad. Travel-inspired board games are the boredom-busting gifts we could all benefit from during our COVID-19 lockdown; Ticket to Ride is a great option for couples, while Monopoly National Parks is perfect for a (very small) gathering of adventurous friends or family who are craving the outdoors.

3. Travel yoga mat

A woman wearing activewear while exercising on a yoga mat

Travel is great for the mind, but so is exercise. It’s important to take time out of your day to move around and keep fit, but this has become significantly harder for those who are confined to small living spaces while social-distancing. If you or your friends are missing those natural worldly vibes, then a yoga mat that has been made from minerals is one way to bring the outdoors indoors. You don’t need to be a yogi to own one of these; they are great for quick floor exercises or for creating a small space for meditation or relaxation. Plus, it can travel around with you when the self-isolation is over.

4. An insta-printer

How many times have you heard someone say that they will ‘definitely print that photo’, but it never actually happens? While spending more time at home, why not recreate your fondest travel memories by printing instant photos from your phone or laptop? When it comes to top travel gifts, instant printers — such as the HP Sprocket — are great for those who want to create scrapbooks or personalized photo walls. Better still, the instant printer can accompany you on your future travels so you can create scrapbook memories while on-the-move.

5. Interior inspiration

A Balinese inspired living space

Know someone who has always wanted to create a space that is inspired by their travels? Interior books, such as The Travel Home, will certainly spark those wanderlust vibes without needing to leave the house. Inspire a friend or family member to finally start working on their home project. Even if they are not quite ready to go through with interior changes, books like these are great for browsing and will easily work as coffee-table collectibles.

6. A travel journal

A travel diary with a world map placed on bed among fairy lights

So many adventures experienced, so many stories to be told and so many bucket-list travels that still lie ahead. A travel journal is a great gift for that friend who loves to write, plan or ink their travel musings. One can never have enough travel journals, and they are an inexpensive, yet thoughtful, gift idea. From journals with travel quotes to vintage travel journals to personlized journals, you can’t really go wrong with sending someone a gift like this.

7. Travel candles

A candle sitting on a table-top counter

With so many expats living in the Middle East, sometimes our craving for travel is as simple as travelling home; we long to go back to where we came from. While, right now, that may not be possible, we can always send a gift that will add a homely touch to those far away from their loved ones. A nostalgic scent or sentiment can help bring a bit of calm into a disrupted life. And by the time the candle wick burns out, you’ll probably be back on the road.

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