These are the best cities to travel to as a vegetarian

Hayley Kadrou
Mar 25, 2021

From just how affordable fruits and veggies are to the breadth of plant-based restaurants on offer, these are the best city break locations for the meat-free among us

Every vegetarian who’s ever booked a weekend escape has had one thought in the back of their minds; ‘Will there be anything for me to eat?’

Because, especially in a new place where you don’t know the local lingo or secret side streets, seeking out good vegetarian fare can be a challenge.

So, knowing which cities are vegetarian friendly is a good place to start when planning your next mini-break. Doing the hard work for us, Nestpick – a portal to search for rental accommodations in different cities across the globe – has formed a list of the best places to live and visit as a vegetarian.

According to their formula of assessment (see below), herbivores should be jet-setting to…

Top 20 cities for vegetarians

London big ben houses of parliament river thames
London comes in top when it comes to the most vegetarian friendly cities. Image | PIxabay
  1. London, UK
  2. Berlin, Germany
  3. Munich, Germany
  4. Vienna, Austria
  5. Glasgow, UK
  6. Zurich, Switzerland
  7. Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  8. Los Angeles, USA
  9. Bristol, UK
  10. San Francisco, USA
  11. Rome, Italy
  12. New York, USA
  13. Auckland, New Zealand
  14. Wellington, New Zealand
  15. Prague, Czech Republic
  16. Melbourne, Australia
  17. Tel Aviv, Israel
  18. Gothenburg, Sweden
  19. Sydney, Australia
  20. Manchester, UK
munich city view
Munich is third on the list, after Berlin, when it comes to destinations for the plant-based among us. Image | Pixabay

As a starting point, the rental company selected 200 cities that are popular as relocation destinations that also already have a good reputation when it comes to vegetarian cuisine.

To come up with the top 20 list, they considered three factors. First up was the affordability of diet staples such as fruit, vegetables and plant-based protein sources.

Next, they assessed the dine-out options for the veggies – and went beyond sussing out whether the famous eatery has a vegetarian option. Nestpick assessed the percentage and number of vegetarian restaurants in each city, alongside the average rank of the top 10 vegetarian restaurants. Making sure the dairy and egg-free eaters are represented too, they assessed the share of restaurants with vegan options.

While an exact number is near impossible to supply, it’s clear from consumer trends (and even anecdotally) that the demand for meat-free options is on the rise – from the vegetarians and the vegans, to the health conscious and environmentally aware, more of us are cutting back or eliminating our meat consumption altogether.

As Omer Kucukdere – Founder and CEO at Nestpick – puts it: “With more and more people looking to reduce their meat consumption, cities must cater to these needs with diverse vegetarian offerings if they want to attract young talent, particularly Millennials, Gen Z, and the even younger generations to come.”

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