How I Travel: Founders of online marketplace Kinzzi, Dana Jaber and Rasha Abdelhadi

WT Writer
Feb 11, 2021

Dana Jaber and Rasha Abdelhadi discuss their favourite travel moments and finding a unique buy when exploring a new place

Friends for over 20 years, Dana Jaber and Rasha Asdelhadi have shared a lot together; a love wandering down quaint lanes exploring hidden treasures, an appreciation of art and interior design, and a drive for discovering new talents and sharing heartfelt stories from across the world.

With all this in mind, the twosome put their heads and hearts together to launch – a Dubai-born lifestyle marketplace selling everything from homeware to jewellery from small businesses.

Naturally, their shared passions (and now professions) have led them on the path of travel. But when it comes to hitting the road, what’s on the agenda for Dana and Rasha?

Speaking to World Traveller Middle East, the duo lists their top holidays ever, offer advice on haggling, and explain how they find unique souvenirs – wherever they go.

The power duo talk us through their travel past and future. Image | Supplied

The first place on our post-pandemic travel list is…

Dana: I want to either go on a ski trip to somewhere like Zermatt or go on a beach holiday with friends to one of the Greek islands.

Rasha: My dream is to go to South America, but realistically, I see either Bali or Greece as more suitable options

We love to shop for unique finds in…

Both: Any country, city, village or small town that has a unique market showcasing artisanal craftsmanship.

The thing we love most about travelling is…

Both: Exploring new countries and meeting interesting people from different cultures. We love discovering hidden gems like small cafes, independent boutiques and local markets.

There’s always a way to find a more off-beat souvenir, according to Dana and Rasha. Credit | Unsplash

If you’re looking to find unique souvenirs while on holiday try …

Both: Shopping the independent shops and boutiques. Or, go to the source – in the workshops and homes of local artisans to ensure you find authentic goods.

The trip that changed our lives…

Both: Sri Lanka. We travelled with a big group of friends, and while getting lost in local boutiques we discovered a shared love for unusual objects and a synergy in our tastes.

Our top-three holiday destinations are…

Dana: Bali, Rio De Janeiro and Lapland.

Rasha: Marrakech, Tokyo and Cortina.

Tokyo is one of Rasha’s top three travel destinations. Credit |Getty

When we travel, we pack…

Dana: A large, natural tote bag, jeans and flip-flops! I can walk around an entire city in them.

Rasha: Running shoes, a pair of earrings and eye cream.

The best ’treasure’ we found while travelling was…

Dana: A white silk dress from one of the cool stores in Bali.

Rasha: Three coloured lanterns that I found in Nappa Valley.

We keep ourselves entertained while travelling by…

Both: Listening to podcasts, music, reading books and watching movies.

Dana has set her dreams on hitting the beaches of Byron Bay. Credit| Unsplash

On our bucket list is…

Dana: Hitting the beaches of Byron Bay, experiencing Costa Rica and exploring Japan.

Rasha: A three month-long trip exploring South America and to catch the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Our top-tip for market haggling is…

Both: We get so excited when we come across items we love that it can be hard for us to haggle! Make them an offer (that is fair compared to market rate) and prep yourself to walk away if it isn’t accepted – that’s important.

If you want to make sure something is ethically sourced…

Both: Information is key, so it’s best to ask lots of questions. Make an effort to meet the artisans to learn about their story and process. Also, research the products and materials that are being used.

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