Travel-inspired activities you can enjoy while indoors

Siobháin Spear
Apr 23, 2020

In need of a mental escape from isolation? These travel-inspired activities will take you places.

If you’re finding it difficult not being able to venture outside right now, you are most certainly not alone. Cabin fever has well and truly set in, and we are digging deep to find ways to escape those groundhog-day feels. We’re missing our luxury escapes, our weekend road trips and all the people that we enjoy adventuring through life with.

While we might be stuck inside for now, it’s not a forever thing (…although it may sometimes feel that way). With escapism taking many forms, we thought you might benefit from a rundown of travel-inspired activities that will take you places, without actually taking you anywhere — other than various rooms around your home. Whether it’s learning a new skill or just switching your mind off for a little while, here’s an entire weekend’s worth of ideas…

1. Go on a culinary adventure

If you want to know your La Bomba from your Takoyaki, now is the time to get adventurous in the kitchen. Top chefs from around the world have taken their skills online to teach culinary enthusiasts how to recreate gastronomic delights. As part of Abu Dhabi’s digital platform, #StayCurious, you can learn from some of the top chefs in the UAE.

2. Get lost in travel books

Fast-paced city life often means that there’s no time to dive into that book you have always wanted to read. But there’s no better time than now. For those in need of inspiration, we asked a pop-up book shop on a desert island to share five of the best reads for those looking to find escapism through fiction. Got a balcony or a garden? Get outside in the sunshine and bring that book with you.

3. Learn a new language

If you are someone who prefers to switch on rather switch off, then investing time into learning a language might just be for you. This is a skill that you can put to good use on your future travels, so why not choose a language course that sounds like the right fit for you, and say ‘sláinte’, ‘salud’ or ‘iechyd da’ to the weekend?

4. Take a seat at Sydney Opera House

Going to the opera in your pajamas became an official activity last month. Yes, you really can tune in to live performances and shows at one of the most iconic opera houses in the world. You can also tap into podcasts, talks and video tours, too.

5. Visit Thailand without leaving your house

Oh, Thailand… we really do miss your tropical beaches, good food and incredible hospitality. If you are looking to escape the ordinary and taste a little slice of Thailand, these 5 Thai experiences that you can try at home will certainly keep you busy.

6. Try switching off with a travel-themed colouring book

Give yourself a break from scrolling through your phone and find solace in an artistic getaway. Therapeutic and creative, colouring books are equally as rewarding for adults as they are for children, so order yourself a travel-themed colouring book, or quickly download a digital colouring book from One&Only Resorts and start dreaming of all those future getaways.

7. Explore iconic museums around the world

Museums around the world might have closed their doors for a little while, but they are still ensuring that your curiosity is quenched through a series of virtual experiences. From exploring the latest art exhibition at Louvre Abu Dhabi to visiting virtual museums around the world, take some time out to learn and discover something new.

8. Start a travel writing course

Have you ever thought about writing down all your adventures or sharing your travels with the world? For those who have never been able to find the right words to share their experiences, an online travel writing class might just be the weekend workshop you didn’t know you needed. Grab your notebook and get going…

9. Create your own spa retreat

Can you remember the last time you flicked your hair (or your eyeliner) and strutted towards the door feeling like a million dollars after a day at the spa or a treatment at your go-to salon? Those really were the days. A little me-time could be the pick-me-up you need this weekend, so here are spa treatments you can re-create with ingredients from your kitchen. Prefer the finer things in life? That’s okay, too. Get your hands on Charlotte Tilbury’s Cleanse, Hydrate & Glow skincare kit and let the science work its magic for you.

10. Watch travel shows

You might well be on your way to finishing Netflix, but there’s a whole world of TV shows that are waiting to be explored. It is absolutely okay to spend a day on your sofa and not feel guilty about it. But for those who struggle with the idea, why not dive into one of these ten must-watch travel documentaries so that you can feel good about the fact that you have learned something new about the world?

11. Join a travel photography workshop

How many of us own a DSLR but have absolutely no idea what it stands for or how to use it? If you’ve been wanting to hone your photography skills, there’s no better time to learn. After all, as Dubai-based photographer Andy Marty would say, “A picture isn’t worth a thousand words, it captures a moment which words could never describe“. Having run workshops for Nikon and Living the Lens, the travel and lifestyle photographer is keen to help budding photographers to snap that shot that can be printed and framed for their walls. Discover his phenomenal photographs or sign up to a photography workshop on Living the Lens.

12. Watch wildlife around the world on live cams

We’re all craving nature, lusting after the outdoors and longing for the days where we could stand outside and complain that it’s too hot to be outdoors. Oh yes, we would quite happily sit in the sweltering sunshine right now just to escape the four walls. While nothing comes close to seeing animals roam free in the wild, watching them roam free through a live wildlife cam is the next best thing right now. This is the calming screen-time you need in your life today.

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