Ten reasons to stay at Alila Hinu Bay – Oman’s luxury eco-friendly resort

Sep 1, 2021

From its sustainable practices to its luxury design, here’s why Alila Hinu Bay should be top of your to-visit list.

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that feels a million miles away from smoky skies, shiny high-rises and the murmurs of stressed-out city folk, then Alila Hinu Bay is it. Yet despite feeling like a new world entirely, the newly opened resort is just a short drive from Oman’s Salalah International Airport.

And as the borders of Oman open once again, the newest addition to the Alila family is now ready to welcome international guests. Here’s what to expect when you sign up for a blissful vacation at the beautiful resort:

Private Pools

What’s more relaxing than dipping into a deserted pool, surrounded by nothing but the sounds and sights of mother nature? Opt for one of the two villa options that come complete with a private pool – each with luxe contemporary design within – and you can soak away the stresses of daily life in peace.

Pool Villa at Alila Hinu Bay Resort
Relax in your own private pool. Credit | Alila Hinu Bay

Spa Relaxation

If switching off the mind to concentrate on pampering the body is what you seek from your next vacation, then Spa Alila is where you need to be. Sign up for one (or two, or three!) of the signature treatments utilising natural products and ancient techniques, and make a day of it by taking advantage of the sauna, steam room, and more.

Outdoor Adventure

Being well travelled isn’t about travelling more, but travelling better; this is where the resort’s surroundings come in, from the majestic Samham mountain to the numerous hidden wadis. The opportunities for outdoor adventure are endless, and guests can really make the most of them by signing up for one (or all!) of the unique experiences put together by Alila Hinu Bay. Embark on the Journey to the Wadi Darbat experience, for example, and trek through the ancient capital of Dhofar before swimming in the surrounding waterfalls and enjoying a picnic.

Explore the great outdoors in this beautiful region of Oman. Credit | Alila Hinu Bay

Fine Dining

What is a vacation without tucking into plentiful food – not least the local cuisine? Visit The Lobby to taste authentic Arabian flavours and Seasalt for fresh catches from the coastal restaurant. Wherever you go, you’ll be greeted by traditional Omani hospitality. Prepare to be instantly charmed.

Romantic Experiences

With bountiful beauty, secluded accommodation and world-class service, Alila Hinu Bay is a romantic place at its core. Elevating your trip from a romantic getaway to the vacation of a lifetime are the unique experiences hosted by the resort, such as the Journey for Two to a Thousand Stars. Dine by candlelight under the stars with a specially prepared meal, before enjoying a couple’s massage.

Embark on a romantic dinner for two on the beachfront. Credit | Alila Hinu Bay

Sustainable Practices

What’s perhaps most appealing about the hotel newcomer is that guests can partake in sustainable tourism, without putting it at the forefront of their minds throughout their trip. From conserving the surrounding landscape to sourcing local ingredients and materials, Alilu Hinu Bay will take care of the best eco practices, so you can relax and recharge with a clear conscience.

Beachfront Bliss

Sunshine, seawater and sunsets over the horizons; beachy vacations are hard to beat. But if it’s a peaceful coastline you’re seeking, then this is it. As well as being surrounded by rocky peaks, Alila Hinu Bay is also situated on a private beachfront connected to the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. So forget beach clubs and jet skis; this is about tranquillity and simple pleasures.

Enjoy traditional Omani sweet treats as you soak in the scenery. Credit | Alila Hinu Bay

Local Charm

Want to connect with the local culture? Walk the surrounding villages to step back in time, interact with the locals and pick up the perfect souvenir. But guests can immerse themselves in the Omani spirit without leaving the resort, too, as it prides itself on traditional hospitality. Every guest is welcomed with warm greetings, becoming a member of the family.

Five-Star Service

Warm hospitality comes hand-in-hand with five-star service at Alilu Hinu Bay. Guests can expect attention to detail, a caring and helpful demeanour, and dedicated staff that do everything in their power to ensure you enjoy a pleasant stay.

Guest can enjoy the private beach connected to the hotel. Credit | Alila Hinu Bay

Safety Standards

Safe travel has some added dimensions in 2021, as we add social distancing measures and hygiene standards to the list. Located between Jabal Samhan and the Arabian Sea, away from densely populated cities, the former is a given here. With elevated health and safety standards implemented across the resort, Alila Hinu Bay becomes the obvious choice.

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