Spa and the city: Embark on a pampering break this summer at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Jul 15, 2021

There’s no need to drive for hours or catch a plane to enjoy a recuperating hotel stay, as city centre gem JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai has everything you need for a relaxing break.

“I’m okay – busy, tired!” is the response we hear all too often when asking about our colleagues, friends, and loved ones’ well-being. Caught up in the rush of urban living, many of us neglect to make time for ourselves – a month-long digital detox in an exotic location, often out of the question.

The good news for Dubai dwellers is, a relaxing break from modern life is right on their doorstep with JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai. Located in the centre of the emirate, the world’s tallest five-star hotel has everything guests need for a restoring staycation, meaning there’s no need to add a long journey to your ever-growing to-do list.

Make time to unwind this summer and add a relaxing staycation at the luxury hotel to your calendar. And relax…

Melt stresses away at SARAY Spa

Saray Spa Hammam Room Side view JW Marriott Marquis Dubai
Close the doors to the outside world at SARAY Spa. Image credit | JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Nothing says ‘me time’ more than a day at the spa. For millennia, the healing powers of heated waters have been harnessed to soothe aching muscles. Today, spas bring pain-alleviating treatments, together with a stress-melting environment for an overall wellness experience. SARAY Spa fuses these core relaxation elements with personalised services and luxury details for a truly rejuvenating journey.

Across each of the 17 private rooms, treatments are carried out using locally sourced natural ingredients. Incorporating modern insight with age-old technique, SARAY Spa has a particular focus on Middle Eastern traditions, with Hamman rituals, carried out within two specially designed rooms. This local focus is also showcased in the design of the spa, with ornately carved doors – inspired by the historic roadside inns located along the silk trade routes – welcoming guests in.

Treatments aside, relaxation comes in the form of dry saunas, steam rooms, circulation showers, flotation pools and of course Jacuzzis; case in point that relaxation doesn’t have to involve jet setting. Don’t forget to take advantage of the ladies’ day offer – on weekdays between 11am and 6pm, guests can visit SARAY Spa for a 30 minute back massage and reflexology session, followed by Afternoon Tea at La Farine Cafe and Bakery for just AED300.

Catch up on sleep in luxurious accommodation

A good night’s sleep is on the menu, Image credit | JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Stress and sleepless nights go hand in hand. But thanks to JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai’s soothing spa experiences, expert customer service, and peace-inducing design across its 1,608 rooms and suites, guests can rest assured that a great night’s sleep is on the agenda.

Whether opting for a sea-facing room or supersized suite, contemporary interiors, clutter-free layouts and spacious settings will help guests relax from the onset. Demonstrating that wellness isn’t confined to the spa, each accommodation offers a deep soaking tub inviting guests to unwind, while entertainment options such as a flat-screen TV gives them permission to mentally switch off by binging their favourite shows in bed.

If staying in reigns above nights out when it comes to ‘me time’, take advantage of the impressive room service options, and feast from the comfort of your own room, before dozing off into an inviting king-sized bed with a pillow-top mattress and a plush duvet. Nights in never looked so good.

Let off steam at your choice of venue

Fine dining isn’t hard to find at this food-centric hotel. Image credit | JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Alternatively, if relaxing is more about ‘letting loose’ than ‘winding down’ for you, then a staycation at the famously dubbed ‘Destination of Exceptional Taste in Dubai’ should do the trick. Home to numerous beloved dining outlets, guests can find the ideal spot to indulge in fine fare, revel in a buzzing atmosphere and enjoy a variety of entertainment. Cuisines available across the hotel’s two towers include Thai, Japanese, European and more.

For steak lovers, brunch at Prime68 (on the 68th floor) is a must – top quality meat cuts are served alongside the restaurant’s most popular signature dishes and a mix of delicious drinks, all from just AED295. Or if Italian food soothes your soul, then a trip to Positano for authentic Italian pizza should be on the agenda. For table-side entertainment from the restaurant’s quirky ‘Wasabi Girl’ – who prepares the paste fresh at diners’ tables – then book in at Izakaya for an evening of sushi. And there’s nothing like sipping on delicious drinks as the sunsets from the 72nd floor at Vault to help you switch off…

In the heart of the emirate with world-famous sites such as the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Opera and more on its doorstep, guests are never far from the buzz of the city, should they find the urge to venture out, too.

With everything JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai has to offer to relaxation-seeking guests, summer in the city never looked so good.