Hästens announces the opening of the first Hästens Sleep Spa Hotel

Mabel Roy
Jun 21, 2021

The Swedish company has launched a hotel concept centered around world-class sleep in the city of Coimbra, Portugal.

Swedish furniture store Hästens has opened a sleep spa hotel concept based on world-class sleep. Named Hästens Sleep Spa, guests can enjoy a night in the hotel that offers unique rooms with customised bed and pillow selections.

A hotel concept for sleep. Image credit|Hästens

In a press release, Jan Ryde, Executive Chairman of Hästens Bed said: “With Hästens Sleep Spa, we, together with the hotel, want to make people around the world feel how important it is to let the body get really good sleep, through good conditions and the right means. Our sleep expertise is unique, and we want to be able to offer everyone to experience the rarity of our beds.”

Sleeping in style. Image credit|Hästens

With only 15 rooms open to guests, a night at the newly opened hotel proves an exclusive one. Those who do make it there for the evening can take part in special Bed Talks with sleep expert Dr Edie Perry, in which she discusses topics such as how positioning affects sleep, the importance of the right mattress and pillow, and more.

Located in the Portuguese city of Coimbra, the sleep spa is also situated next to the UNESCO-listed library Biblioteca Joanina. The library’s bookshelves and gold-adorned baroque furnishings served as inspiration for the hotel’s decoration. Each of the rooms in the hotel is a blend of cultural heritage with modern style and elegance, whilst its lobby has a gallery area with fine handiwork and small mosaic tiles lining the floors and walls.

Those who do splash out for a night of the bed sleep of thier lives don’t need to worry about paying extra for food and drink, at least, as all food and beverages is covered in the booking cost. So relaxing really can be high on the agenda.

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