Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria reveals new luxury beach villas with private pool

WT Writer
Aug 11, 2020

The Four Seasons hotel has undergone a two-year project to complement its existing state-of-art complex by the Mediterranean sea, and the results are something to marvel

Pool or beach? A question you’ll never need to ask when staying at the Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria’s latest development. The Egypt-based hotel announced a two-year project to create state-of-art beach villas – complete with a private pool – is finally complete, and results have us dreaming of escapes to the Meddieranian coast.

Located on the hotel’s private beach, the new villas allow hotel dweller the luxury of more space and privacy without having to compromise on the main hotel’s amenities.

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria living room lounge space private beach villas
Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria’s interior design matches the zen feel. Image supplied

Each is designed to be family-friendly, having enough space inside and out for little ones to run around. And as well and the obvious tranquillity that comes with a private pool and villa on the beach, the interior design of every unit also aims to add a little zen to guests. A light colour palette, airy spaces and comfortable furniture aids the sense of calm, too.

On the opening, General Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano, Shadi Suleman said: “I’m very excited to have completed such a unique project in the destination. Two years ago, we embarked in multiple new projects starting with beach suites, the beach pool and now we are launching the Beach Villas.”

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria private beach villa bedroom view
Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria private beach villa bedroom view. Image supplied.

On the city in Eygpt, he continued: “Alexandria is a much-loved city to many all over the world and I am proud to offer guests an exclusive experience with renowned Four Seasons service to unforgettable memories when visiting the city.”

Will you be adding it to your post-Covid-19 bucket list?

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