Alila Hinu Bay is the eco-escape fusing contemporary luxury with sustainability

Jul 13, 2021

Nestled on a secluded beachfront in the Dhofar region of Oman, Alila Hinu Bay is the five-star resort calling sustainable travellers seeking rest, reflection and reconnection.

Opening its doors in Oman in June, Alila Hinu Bay couldn’t have come at a better time. When eco-friendly travel is more in demand than ever before, this newcomer is a strong sustainability advocate. A haven of relaxation and reflection, it’s the ideal place to detach from the world’s stresses and recharge instead.

Located in the southwest region of mountainous Dhofar (just a short distance from Salalah International Airport), which sits along the Omani coast, nature is all around. Distanced from the metropolitan cities, life in this stunning corner of the Gulf still holds Bedouin traditions dear, conserving both the local culture and the environment. This, in unison with the resort’s dedication to understated yet undeniable style, detail and service, makes it the perfect union between sustainability and luxury.

And the marriage is an unexpected one for many travellers – something anticipated by the resort, as the name ‘Alila’ is taken from the Sanskrit translation of ‘surprise’. Here is what guests can expect when they set foot in the stunning five-star resort.

Untouched nature around every corner 

Take a guided tour up the surrounding mountains. Image credit | Alila HInu Bay Oman

Situated on a secluded beachfront, visitors are immersed in picture-perfect scenes of the Indian Ocean. Sapphire waters meet golden sands and rocky formations for a paradise-like setting. With a private stretch of beach attached to the resort, the natural beauty can be appreciated in peace by resort dwellers.

Towering around the Alila Hinu Bay is the Jebel Samhan mountain range, boasting peaks as high as 2,100 metres. As well as one of the last refuges for wild Arabian leopards, it also boasts vibrant flora that thrives in the surrounding creeks and wadis. As it is dedicated to preserving the largely untouched regional ecology, guests can engage with the resort’s natural neighbours with a clear conscience.

Beach at Alila Hinu Bay resort in Oman a
The stunning beach has everything you could want from a coastal setting. Image credit | Alila Hinu Bay

Ensuring guests truly reconnect with nature, Alila Hinu Bay has created a menu of awe-inducing experiences to suit every guest’s style, which can then be tailored to their desires. View-seekers should take the Journey Above the Clouds to view one of the largest sinkholes in the world, for example, taking in panoramic views from Jabal Samhan along the way.

For adventure-seekers, the Journey to Wadi Darbat, experience is not one to miss. After hiking along a trail to suit their skillset, guests can discover Oman’s breathtaking natural beauty at Wadi Darbat, the ancient capital of Dhofar, before swimming through the waterfalls and sitting down in the midst of nature to enjoy a picnic. Back at the resort after a long day, guests can enjoy tailored spa treatment to soothe after the day’s adventures.

Sleek design infused with eco-consciousness

Earthy colours fill the Terrace Room. Image credit | Alila Hinu Bay

And the eco-journey continues for guests once they step inside any of the 112 rooms and villas. Many natural materials that are native to the area are incorporated into the interior design, coming together to create a modern, minimal finish, echoing the serenity of the hotel’s surroundings. Each room comes complete with a private terrace, ideal for taking in the views of either the lagoon or the Indian Ocean.

If residing in one of the 16 pool villas, guests can unwind in a personal plunge pool, soak in an outdoor bathtub, and socialise in an outdoor majlis area. Beach-devotees can enjoy direct access to the private stretch, too. 

Cool off in the pool without having to leave your private bubble. Image credit | Alila Hinu Bay

Throughout the resort, design is inspired by the Omani vernacular; traditional style can be seen in the archway corridors while the marble façade and falaj water features pay homage to its local landscape and climate.

Luxury in the form of Omani hospitality

The Lobby Lounge introduces guests to authentic Arabian flavours. Image credit | Alila Hinu Bay

Practices that conserve the local culture – Omani cuisine, style and hospitality – is likewise fused into the resort’s restaurant offerings. Seasalt takes guests on a coastal dining journey, with dishes such as fish otak-otak (banana leaf-wrapped fish with sweet potato crisps) and lobster fresh from the grill.

The Lobby Lounge introduces guests to authentic Arabian flavours, and those wanting to explore true Omani traditions can embark on the ‘fuwala’ afternoon tea as they look over the waters.

Couples will love the grounding Journey for Two to a Thousand Stars dining experience. Image credit | Alila Hinu Bay

Romantic getaways to Alila Hinu Bay wouldn’t be complete without the Journey for Two to a Thousand Stars experience, carefully curated by the team. Dining either along the beach at SeaSalt or from the hotel’s scenic Yoga View Point. After a 30-minute Jacuzzi experience followed by a relaxing 60-minute couple’s massage, loved-up couples can indulge in a romantic dinner with a choice of cuisines under the starlit night sky. Guests will feel simultaneously grounded to the Earth and connected to the wider universe as they indulge in a luxurious meal.

Regardless of why, where from or when guests may arrive at Alila Hinu Bay, one thing’s for sure – they’ll leave feeling calm, content and connected to Mother Nature.