‘Free Trip to Egypt’: a film that brings Americans to the Middle East

Siobháin Spear
Mar 26, 2020

A heartwarming documentary about unity in a time of division

To lift spirits and raise hopes during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the uplifting documentary Free Trip To Egypt has been released for streaming on Vimeo. The 2017 film was brought to life by Canadian-Egyptian Entrepreneur Tarek Mounib, who wanted to offer a free vacation to Egypt. However, he didn’t want to just offer a free trip to any American; he wanted to offer the free vacation to any Americans who were concerned about Islamic extremism. What happened next was beyond his wildest dreams…

Tarek Mounib paired up with YouTube celebrity, Adam Saleh, and the two of them went across the United States searching for potential travellers to take part. The search took them to the most unlikely of places – from a small town in the heart of Georgia and a Trump Rally in Kentucky to an anti-Trump Protest and Union Square in New York City. Along the way they met Americans from all walks of life.

​Seeking to build a bridge of mutual understanding and friendship, Mounib took the very people who feared him on an all-expenses paid trip to Egypt. The Americans, including a school teacher, a police officer, a Marine Corps veteran, a single mother, a preacher and a beauty pageant queen, spent 10 days paired with locals just as diverse as them, including a young Egyptian revolutionary, an orthodox Muslim family, and a left-leaning journalist. And the entire experience is captured in the eye-opening film.

​If you are planning to spend considerably more time in front of the TV this weekend, then add Free Trip to Egypt to your watch list; you can stream it for $1.99 as part of the Kindness Films release.

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