Sydney Opera House launches a digital program

Siobháin Spear
Apr 2, 2020

Sydney Opera House launches live concerts, talks, podcasts and more — for free.

Fancy going to the opera this weekend? Well, now you can. Despite Sydney Opera House having to close its doors until mid-June in a precautionary move to curb the spread of coronavirus, the world-renowned performing arts centre has adjusted to the crisis very quickly.

Bringing its stages to living rooms around the world, Sydney Opera House has launched live concerts and a complete digital program aimed at spreading happiness in a time of chaos.

From our house to yours…

Personalizing its new platform, Sydney Opera House has named the initiative ‘From Our House to Yours’; the program includes regular full-length performances and talks, never-before-seen footage, podcasts, long-form articles and behind-the-scenes content from the Australian arts centre.

In addition to a variety of digital content that is available free-on-demand, new digital content will be released on the Opera House website every day from Wednesday to Sunday, with the next weekly schedule announced every Tuesday. This week’s schedule of upcoming events was released via Twitter:

You don’t need to be an opera fanatic to find something to do on the digital platform. Here are three ideas, other than live performances, that might spark your interest:

From Our House to Yours is running for the next three months, so plan a less-formal night at the opera while in your pajamas as you #StayHome. If that’s not your thing, flick back to the television and discover these 10 travel documentaries instead.

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